With an engaging psychological horror plot that explores a grotesque and abandoned world, Kriophobia portrays the macabre story of Anna, a geophysicist who goes to Zhokhov Island to study recent magnetic anomalies in the region.

The Cold is Just the Beginning

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Kriophobia is a third-person Survival Horror, inspired by the classic games of the same genre. Enter a Cold and Inhuman World of Extremist Patriotism, Manic Obsession and Disturbing Relationships, presented with a Unique Art Style that mixes comics and painting.

A scientific expedition was sent to Zhokhov Island to study recent occurrences of magnetic anomalies in the region. Among them was Anna, a young geophysicist, alongside her mentor and a small military team. As your group investigates the cause of the anomalies on the island, a disastrous sequence of events unfolds, trapping them in an unknown underground military compound, suffering the extreme cold of the Russian climate. Now, Anna desperately tries to survive and find a way out, but something down there draws her deeper, and that unfamiliar, haunted place strangely invites her over and over...


  • Hidden Secrets of the Past to be found, inspired by real events from Russia's Darkest Times
  • Cold, Dark and Terrifying Scenarios to Explore
  • Evasive Combat centered around fleeing and hiding from monstrous abominations
  • Survival with Limited Resources against Freezing Temperatures in a Hostile Place
  • Dark Visual Style that mixes Comics and Painting in a unique way
  • Fully Illustrated Game World Displayed on Modern Still Cameras
  • Exclusive Russian-inspired soundtrack.