Miss the old days when the genre
"survival horror"
actually meant something?

Yes? well, so do we, that's why we're proud to present: Kriophobia.

Kriophobia marks a return to form for the survival horror genre and tells the story of Anna, a geologist stuck on Zhokhov Island. The game mixes the best of the classics of the genre and features like static cameras with a new approach to storytelling and a unique visual design. This mix allows the game to be presented in a brand new and refreshed way but still in sync with what survival horror should be.

During December of 2014 we ran our Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns and made a tech demo available for download. We got hundreds of messages, supporting our project and were Greenlit in a few days! We would like to thank everyone who assisted us in our journey so far and would like to let everyone know that we are always open to the community, we make games for you. While the campaign did not achieve its financial goal, we took advantage of the experience to learn from our community.

With the support and feedback you have all given us, our team has doubled down and are steady at work. We will have more news soon, but don’t worry, development is still underway. We have partnered with one of the best game writers around as well as talented artists and voice actors.