Partner: Maurício de Sousa Produções

While playing kick-ups, Jimmy inspires Nutty Ned to create flying blocks that end up making a mess on the Limoeiro Neighborhood!

Are you capable of helping him to tidy up the Neighborhood? You have to move Jimmy Five so he can continue to kick his ball up and break the bricks floating in the sky. But beware! Nutty Ned's preposterous creations get harder and harder.

Jimmy will have to face several levels that reference Monica's Gang, the comic book created by the famous brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa. You must complete each level fast in order to collect all the stars and get candies so you can get help from the other members of the Gang! With them it will be easier to defeat the biggest challenges!

• Smudge will help you to catch the falling balls!
• Fluffy will stay side by side with Jimmy and will help him with the kick-ups!
• Jeremiah will lend extra balls to break more bricks!
• Maggy turns the ball into a watermelon that explode and hit everything around it!
• Beautiful and fun levels!
• More levels to come!
• Complete quests every day!
• Different types of block: explosive, moving and indestructible!

Show your soccer and become the ultimate kick-ups champion by destroying all bricks in the sky and preventing Nutty Ned's plan of building a brick empire in the neighbourhood!

Jimmy Five Brick-Breaker is free, but you can buy candies to recover your balls and to unlock other features faster. It is possible to deactivate the purchases through your device settings.

This game was made by Fira Soft in partnership with Mauricio de Sousa Produções.

© 2015 Mauricio de Sousa Produções. Monica's Gang, their logos and characters are trademarked by Mauricio de Sousa Produções.